"The Urban Adventures of Dodger Rourke" Trailer

by Michael Beddome

Dodger Rourke is an adventurous young boy from Uptown Manhattan. Though his family has suffered from economic strife, Dodger undertakes the tough and perilous task of finding his mother the birthday present she truly deserves.
Simon Abramov as Roger "Dodger" Rourke
Canara Price as Luna Rourke
Mike DiGiacinto as Clint Rourke
Alex Riabov as Sasha Bakholdin
Melissa Scott as Sharmila
Chris Woods as Mercedes
Rob Brinkmann as Duncan
Julian Goza as Vagrant
Mikey Beddome as Vagrant
Boris Riabov as Vagrant
and Brandon Goodman as the Astronaut

Writer & Director: Michael Beddome

Producers: Michael Beddome & Alex Yew
Executive Producer: David E. Munz-Maire
Cinematographer: Jacob Sillman
Assistant Camera: Brenna Perez
Sound Mixer: Nick Chirumbolo
Grip: Cyrus Toulabi
Vanities: Michel Dominguez
Editor: Michael Beddome

Produced by AireBedd Productions

Shot on location in Washington Heights, NY.
(c) January 2013