"A Day in the Life of A Dancist American"  Short Film

by Michael Beddome

This fictional documentary follows an average Dancist American, Rachmaninov, over the course of one day.
The film intersperses Rock’s story with the history of Dancism in America and its origins before that.
Genre: Narrative/ Documentary Short Film

Loren Dunn as Rachmaninov N. Ruhl
Tom Corbisiero as Dr. Fielend Abeet
Jeanne Pearson as Paquita Bailarina
Dr. Yaacov Trope as Dr. Yaacov Trope
John Sexton as John Sexton
Boris Riabov as Interviewer (voice)

Writer & Director: Michael Beddome
Producers: Michael Beddome & David M. Night Maire
Cinematographers: Matt Marks & Allen Tullos
Editor: Michael Beddome
Animator: Kevin Budnik
Original Music: DJ MegaMix & Travis Kaufman

Produced by AireBedd Productions

Shot on location in Manhattan, NY.

(c) September 2012


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